Rolex submarine type on what fire social media?

The Rolex Watch Submarine was first launched in 1954 and is one of the most famous clocks in history. When times changed and the trend changed, these watches not only survived but also flourished. So, what’s the secret?

                                               Rolex Submariner Watch
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Fraud Hourly calendar, steel cutter, blue blue plate

For every amateur, it is a sort of watch that can be seen remotely. But how does the table with the reduced track become a significant icon? The reason is not just that the look looks good, after all, many other watches were just as well designed. The main reason why Rolex submarines are popular is its consequence. Real watches will tell you that it’s a treasure that you can not lose. Outstanding, beautiful and insignificant performance is an indispensable collection. For those who do not know the clock well but still want to go back to friends and colleagues, it’s a popular Rolex snorkeling class.
                                              Rolex Directorate in Geneva
                               The oldest Rolex Snorkeler watch, 1953

Statistical data

Before immersing yourself in the popularity of the Rolex Submariner Watch on social media, let’s take a look at some facts:
Rolex Snorkeler is the most popular diving watch on Instagram.
In March 2018, the Rolex submarine was used approximately 30,460 times, of which 25,376 from Instagram.

More than 90% of users are male. The largest age group is between 18 and 24, representing almost 50%, followed by 25-34 years. These age groups correspond to the main users of Instagram. The report by men and women suggests that the general population is interested in luxury watches, especially men.

Rolex fans also have a unique position in the Rolex fans community. perfectly sums up the feelings of real enthusiasts: “No matter who bought Rolex, but when you do not have a boat, he really joins the club.” Some people started in Dayton. Skywalker, Greenwich … Of course, that’s nice, but I can not help you, but I think, “What, no submarine?” ”
                   Rolex Rolex Advertising with Sir Malcolm Campbell
                                                                  Sylvia Earle
Image status

Originally the Rolex Snorkeler was just a list of expensive and practical tools and the price is very affordable. Until the eighties, with the increasing popularity of stainless steel in high quality watches, Rolex became a luxury SUV watch. Remember, this is James Bond’s first choice for many years. Over the last 60 years, the Rolex snorkel design has changed or surpassed the change and aesthetic first glance, which also guarantees its iconic state.

Universal Rolex Immersion Clocks is another reason why fans will win. First is a great diving watch, but it is also suitable for other occasions. When sitting in the office, select the type of submarine; hiking, submarine selection; taking part in a wedding, choosing a submarine; diving in the pool or choosing a submarine. Even after the introduction of a new color or new Dial Rolex, there were snorkels at first glance. No one would be mistaken for “Hulk” (eg Green Water Ghost) for other watches or models. The essence of the Rolex Handheld Clock is deeply rooted in overall design, not in surface finishing.
             Rolex Immersion watches, fluorescent hands and watches
The purest watch of the Rolex without a calendar, a steel box, a black black circle

The symbol of luxury

Rolex submarine luxury watch type such as Hermes Birkin or Chanel black dress in luxury fashion. In the 1960s (and later in the 1980s), Rolex launched several big advertisements that helped build the state of the brand that it is looking forward to. The Rolex submarine is not only a trademark, but also an important part of the brand’s advertising campaign. More importantly, it helps to improve the condition of Rolex as a luxury product.

When we talk so much, he still can not explain why Rolex sails over social networks. The answer is actually very simple because the Rolex submarine is popular everywhere. It is the largest volume of luxury hours ever made, and it is an eternal class that has been imitated (of course, it has never won). Social media are a reflection of real society. If it is popular in real life, it will of course be popular in the social media. In this way, influential personalities such as Rolex lovers (or if you want to have them) type Rolex submarines, even those who know little about luxury watches, can instantly recognize the type of Rolex submarine.

The girls are not only attractive but also have “value”.

Today, we share with you a few mechanical women’s watches with both value and quality. As the title says, the value of girls is not everything when they are on the list. The “value” here is “worth buying” and “real”. value”. Gossip is less Syria, let’s look at today’s recommended watch.

Rolex Women’s Journal Series m279174-0002

Watch Comments: watch diameter 28mm, whole body made of white gold and enamel steel, gold and charming, and the perfect combination of stainless steel, stainless steel, gold steel is also a clear Rolex logo, is also a distinctive feature of the enamel style. The girls’ powder dial, which the girls couldn’t resist, was made of 18ct gold. Most of the processes were done by hand. They were exquisite and beautiful. The three-point location featured a Rolex calendar display with a convex lens that was easy to read. The Rolex 2236 movement is used in the watch. It is not affected by magnetic interference and temperature, and it can maintain regular operation in any position.

Cartier blue balloon series W6920085

Watch Comments: Unique watch design reflects the elegant Cartier style, 33mm watch, the dial is decorated with a twist cable sculpting is exquisite, Roman numerals off the track at the blue crown, especially chic and beautiful, iconic concave Slot crown, inlaid with a convex circular synthetic spinel, low-key, restrained and elegant. The watch is equipped with a self-winding movement with a 30-meter waterproof and a watch with a medium-thickness of 9.96mm, which is light and easy to wear. Table style personality wild, both value and quality, is indeed a good choice.

Omega Disc Flying Series 424.

Watch Comments: Dial diameter 32.7mm, equipped with a light silver dial, a silk texture, adding woven texture, watch using steel case, gold plated dot scale and polished arched Roman numerals, quite retro charm, and very Refined. There is a calendar display window at the six o’clock position. The function is simple and practical. It is equipped with an Omega 2500 coaxial movement, with 30 meters waterproof and 48 hours power storage. Watch style is still relatively simple, with diamond elements revealing elegant temperament, you can manage any occasion.

Summary: The above watch can be said to be both value and quality, the average girl may be more in appearance, the performance of the watch is not very clear, but the choice of a good brand, generally not too bad, high prices But value for money.

Nico Rosberg Becomes Rolex Ambassador

A few days ago, Rolex and Nico Rosberg (Nico Rosberg) signed a partnership agreement that officially became the ambassador’s brand and joined Sir Jackie Stewart, F1 driver and family Roger Federer.

In December 2016, Nico Rosberg left F1. Although he came from below, his career is even bigger. In addition to being Rolex’s ambassador, Nico Rosberg also has a personal contract with the Hugo Boss clothing brand, the Hot Wheels toy brand, Sky Sports, the Deutsche Bahn Deutsche Bahn and the German RTL advertising system. CAA Sports Brokers.
Roman Di Somma, an agent at CAA Sports Brokers, said: “The novice is one of the most famous brands in the world, and Nico Rosberg is a true supporter of watches and heritage.” “I am very happy to help Rolex and Nigeria.” Rosberg founded a three-year business. “

Wear a true style Three types of cool girls watch recommended

Although gentleness and kindness are the hallmarks of girls, more and more women are joining the ranks to pretend to be cool. No matter whether they are on the street or in the street, there are always “wiser” girls. They tend to indulge in a tough outfit, including neutral elements, such as a fresh, dark eyeliner, wearing a fashionable Martin’s leather footwear jacket dress, leaving simple soft, delicate, shiny inject image own hormones to reveal a nature of talent. Today’s three watches, with the exception of women’s money, will help you become a more beautiful and elegant girl!

                                                  Rolex Log Series 126334
Watch Comments: Although the “41-type log” is a beautiful, elegant look for men, simple but full of metal-style look has also been air-conditioning your favorite girl, especially the fashion and deep blue numbers, the radial drawing thread further strengthen the shine and show the beauty of the wrist quality. 41 mm is slightly larger for wrist guards, but you can also use it. The legendary look also shows unique brand designs and exceptional performance. Especially the very cold white gold frame in 18K white gold and “ROLEX” in the inner circle are attractive. This change also won the Rolex Observatory Certified was created in 2015 to ensure that the viewer has an accurate travel time and excellent quality. I think he’ll have a great look and great performance that will help cool girls play cool in the end.

                                IWC IW371491 Portuguese watch series
Watch Comments: The mechanical action of a stronger sense of the chronograph not only of your favorite people, is also part of one of the girls ‘, IWC nations’ and ‘Portugal meter’ discussion timers even more. The first Portuguese measure in most white elements, most black, but completely new in the blue gradient, including a stunning combination of traditional and classic designs. The small scale is placed on the curved outer ring of the disc, making the disc visually more climatic and simple. 6 Mark 00:00 and mark the location of small seconds, 30 minutes drive his vision will change the entire disk, showing a good balance, the balance of design aesthetics. Thanks to the black crocodile leather strap, everything is even more mysterious, beautiful and charming.

                      Panerai LUMINOR DUE Series PAM00755 Watch
Watches Comments: Panerai Panerai Lumino DUE new series this year in a series of popular concerns, because of the raw material, the atmosphere, known Panerai for the first time introduced the ‘small diameter table’ New 38 mm children’s single fan series Pei can control even more the poor. Although many girls want to be from Panerai before, they are not very friendly. This new product responds to this demand and it is believed that more women will fall in love with this unique magazine for the brand. In addition, the classic signature design has also been preserved showing many brands such as pillowcases, ISK patent bridges and a small classic three-prong design. Also includes a rich color bar to make the clock brighter. This clock is one of the most popular items because it has a green bracelet and a gray glass dial, a very cool personality.

Summary: It looks like you’re tall and cold. In fact, the girl’s heart is still hot. Whether wearing or communicating, it is intuitively to communicate your ideas about yourself to show the true character and true self. Three of today’s watches are the best choice for cool girls.

Rolex watch’s “technical content” is higher than men’s watch?

Today we are talking about “technical problems” that explain the “alien” phenomenon of the Rolex watch. Some methods in Rolex watches are more advanced than men’s watches?

The latest Rolex Healer Silicone was used for the first time on Log Watch on women of 28 mm.

The watches for men and women have different technical settings.

Rolex uses Parachrom Hairspring in the men’s 3135/3235 movement watch, which is what we usually call the “blue dragonfly” hairspring; Rolex used the new Syloxi silicone high jump in a small movement 2236 women’s watch (from 2014 start using). Rolex male form, female form of the hairpin is not the same thing, the female form is a new silicon hairpin.

In 2014, Rolex used a new type of silica gel in a small women’s watch bag, while men have always used the Rolex blue hairpin, the Rolex blue hairpin and the silicone women’s head . Yes?

The hair prints of the current watch are all in Nivarox’s throat hairpin. This Nivarox alloy can affect the overall living environment. However, this type of metal is sensitive to magnetic, so it can not withstand a strong magnetic field.

In order to solve this problem, Rolex Rolex has developed the exclusive Parachrom Blue Hairspring, which is characterized by an anti-magnetic field and shock absorption.

In recent years, the silicon head having the advantage of being magnetic, many watches are replaced by a silicone head. The performance of Rolex Blue Cocoon Hairspring is very good and the result is a spray of silica gel. It’s a question for players around the world. Until then, players had received key information in Rolex’s official statement on the new Syloxi Silica Jump.

The new Rolex silicone syloxy hairpin, the small holes on both sides of the hairpin are used to attach the hairpin.

Rolex Blue Hairspring has a good performance, magnetic, shockproof, but it’s a small problem, it’s “the process is not flat, not symmetrical”. Due to springs such as these alloys, it is necessary to attach one end to the hair in a “clip”. Therefore, the hair curve can not be “completely symmetrical and completely flat”. This will affect the accuracy of the journey time.

The silica frog is particularly flat and especially symmetrical. Rolex Silicone on both sides of the silk, these two “holes” are used to attach the silica head.In the Rolex movement through the balance plate, it is symmetrical. As a result, the new Siloxic Rolex Silicone Sprayer is smoother and more symmetrical than the blue hairpin that is good for ensuring audience accuracy.

The Rolex Silicone Hairspring is so powerful. Why is it only used on women’s watches?

One of the problems with the silicone hair protector is that it can not be repaired, it can not be changed and the problems can not be changed. Silicone foam is simple, as in 3D printing. Unlike neck neckles, you can change them and do it.

The current Rolex is a new Silicone Hairspring Silicone used primarily on women of 28mm.

The current position is that the new Syloxi Silicone Hairstyling Rolex is even better than Rolex Blue Hairspring. Rolex movement of the women’s watch 2236, because the movement is small, the less the movement is not easy to go exactly, so the new silicon spring Syloxi is used in the small watch 2236 female movement, increase the resistance Magnetic Rolex watch, shock resistance and precision.
Including Rolex DD, watch men’s blue silk Rolex’s spirals.

Watch Rolex Men, a large part of the professional band, sporting goods. The sports watch is safe from creation. In terms of resistance to production, the blue dragon is the collar of the neck, which is well maintained. The 3135/3235 movement series used in these watches have a large movement, the thickness of the movement and the front of the women’s watch. The higher the precision of movement, the easier it is to high. Therefore, Rolex men’s watches are used to use blue hair.

Of course, Rolex has used a little new Syloxi Silicone Hairspring for women’s watches and has also tested the Sylools Silicone Hairspring. Many people think that when Rolex thinks that the Syloxi silicone pin has passed the time test, it will be used on men’s watches.

Classic aesthetic colors Rolex Log 126334 Watch

As early as 1945, Rolex introduced Datejust watches, smooth lines, simple disc design and outstanding results that attracted a lot of attention. Years later, this classic type of order additional convex lens small window (cyclops eye) screen, unique and useful not only to facilitate the examination of the calendar wearer, and the important brand recognition, is a point of Major landmark Rolex Watch design. 2017, mark back to provide more choice for the favorite wristwatch Rolex Friends classic and simple Log-type fresh blood injection. Today we present the Rolex Journal 41 Platinum Watch which is one of them. So, let’s look together:

The same cost-effective choice
Rolex launched in 2017 as a newspaper series of three models: the bezel, the crown, the average consumption gold bracelet 126,333, single bezel 126334 is made of platinum materials and steel with 126,300 three types, the new type of newspaper 41 uses the 3235 movement. At a glance, 126,333 (gold coin) to slightly mature, and the price should be slightly more expensive. Entirely made of 126300 stainless steel does not have another Rolex symbol, a symbolic triangle. It seems that at the center of both (platinum rings), section 126 334 is the best choice. Its luxury qualities of precious metals (platinum bezel), keeping the sports section of classic triangular grooved steel design and fashion style, it is no wonder so popular.

41 mm stainless steel case, triangular bezel in 18 kt white gold. Polished and polished, the beauty of two chemicals combined in one, classic and full of decoration.

LOGO engraved Rolex crown logo on a steel crown, surrounded by the most common texture design, the operation feels better, so look at the debug easier and faster.

Deep blue disc size, elegant and elegant. The angle of the quarrel of the Arabic numerals and the outer ring, so that time shows greater clarity. HNC design and the three-pin minute hand and a ladder bar are covered with a bright part, can also be monitored even if the weather in a dark, convenient and fast environment. In addition, the calendar display is on the 3 o’clock mark to add more convenient features to a clock.

Above the calendar is also a small name on the windows that makes it easy to lock a calendar. Watches on the side, the table turns on the interior wall unclear Rolex is one of the highly decorative ornaments, making effect.

Like other Rolex branded products, this one uses a skull to protect the safety of your safety. 3235 Rolex self-winding with 14 patents, built a new Chronergy jailbreak, power reserve for about 70 hours. In addition, the Log 41 watch was confirmed by Rolex in 2015, which guarantees excellent performance.

Patent mounted waterproof Rolex Oyster bracelet with 5mm linkage discount spreading system easy to configure, easier to adjust so that the watch can be more connected to the wrist.

Summary: luxury collection, is a classic Rolex date Just 126334 watch the market performance in the table show is relatively good, very hot and even a bit difficult to buy.

“Valentino owned” Rolex

Today I will show you a very unique and rare clock. Like the previous Rainbow Daytona, this watch is also from Rolex. Several Rolex series, different models, you’ve been smart for a long time, but now Rolex is rare and has the unbelievable beauty – Rolex “OysterQuartz” 19038 (D-quarts DAY DATE). Note that the inscription on the dial (under the crown) is “OysterQuartz”, not a “constantly increasing” mechanical movement.

Rolex “Pyramid Nail” Decorated Oyster Quartz Quartz DAY DATE.

Quartz watches Oyster Quartz is a unique piece of all Rolex watches. Oyster Quartz was completed in 2001, so it was difficult for us to understand it. In the 1970s and 1980s, thanks to the popularity of quartz watches, Rolex also developed a quartz movement (5055) and used it on the flagship Rolex DAY DATE series. In other words, it is a DAY DATE quartz watch with a gold chain full of gold. Because at that time the design of the watch was popular in the design of the head and the bracelet of the watch, which was Royal Oak and Nautilus, Rolex was also influenced by the trend of time. The use of watches without tips about Oyster Quartz quartz watches has begun. Head, style of the bracelet. At that time, some people even thought Rolex was “plagiarized” by Royal Oak. As we can see, the Rolex Oyster Quartz has a shape and beauty that is completely different from the other Rolexes.

We can see that the pyramidal nails are very beautiful, and the pyramidal nails are very similar to the Valentino nails today.

Rolex uses a number of unique models of Oyster Quartz quartz watches, which differ from the current Rolex models. Just like this quartz DAY DATE 19038, it uses a pyramid-shaped, nail-shaped frame and chain links. We know that the Rolex frame of today is essentially a ring and a corner opening, this frame for pyramidal nails has disappeared. Nowadays, this type of jewelry for the nails of the pyramid is a symbol of Valentino, this Rolex 19038 is similar to “Valentino”. In addition, we can see that in addition to the pyramids on the frame, the bracelet and plate on the frame have 12 diamonds, which corresponds to a time scale of 12 hours. The combination of diamonds and nails is very elegant and beautiful. It is because of these properties of the Rolex Oyster that Quartz uses pyramidal nails, called “Egyptians”. Visible, except Panerai, Rolex also has Egyptians.

Although the value of quartz watches today is low, it is rare. The Rolex quartz watch, which was discontinued in 2001, has a low value due to the small quantity and added value of the Rolex brand.

The most cost-effective Breitling Challenger 44 watch

In 2017, Breitling announced that he would stop the production of quartz watches. Before that, the most basic Breitling watch, I remember that it was a quartz watch with a water resistance of 3000 meters. After Breitling became a master, he began to dramatically change the style of the product. For distribution by category. This year, Breitling launched Challenger 44, which is the most introductory hour in new products.

The Challenger series is undoubtedly a very masculine series of the Breitling brand. A robust stainless steel casing is mainly polished by mercerization, demonstrating coldness and strength.

New watches are available in black and blue dials. Relatively speaking, the blue dial with a dynamic casing is obviously more attractive.

The tail frame is a feature of Breitling. Such a telescope is not only closely related, but also very clear.

The stainless steel frame is scaled directly. Compared with an aluminum ring or ceramic ring, it is simpler and more powerful, fully embodies the name of the series – the personality and courage of the applicant.

The blue dial is fixed by a three-dimensional metal scale, and the scale is covered with a bright coating that can still be read in a dark environment.

As a sports watch, shoulder protection is designed for the crown to protect the crown from bumps.

The bottom cover is designed with a dense bottom, and the built-in self-winding device B17 is built inside. This is a universal movement, produced in accordance with the Breitling standard. After passing the attestation of the observatory, he can still achieve excellent traffic characteristics.

New watches in the Breitling Challenger series, the large size and type of the male shell, give the watch a decisive and courageous tolerance, helping the opponent to explore the top.