Can’t bypass Rolex’s “pit”? The first Rolex you will choose…

If you ask your friends around and you should buy the first watch, I believe most of the answers are Rolex. The term “once and for all” has also been in circulation for many years. There is no doubt that Rolex has a wide audience and high brand awareness worldwide. If you can’t bypass the “pit” of Rolex, then I will tell you how to enter Rolex gracefully is “pit.” Which of the following would you choose for your first Rolex?

Rolex Snorkeler Series 116610LN-97200 Black Edition

Watch Comments: Many people have to say, why did not enter the Rolex for the first time? The choice of Black Water Ghosts or Green Water Ghosts has been a controversial topic in the observer forum. There are many people who are concerned about the dispute. Some people say that after entering the nigger, they still need to accept the green ghost. Some people also said, “The Green Ghost is impatient. The Niggas is a classic.” Whether it is black or green, people realize that the Rolex entry-level watch is not really a “fire hydrant” Rolex submarine, but is the most classic Rolex model and is also a Rolex. The most iconic sports watch.

Rolex Magazine Series 126334

Watch Comments: Rolex journal series differs from other series in design style, making it more popular with business people or elegant men. This new blue disk log is popular with many people. The triangular-shaped dimple outer ring with a blue plate design, coated with fluorescent-coated hour markers and silvery hands, underscores the character of a gentleman. Compared with other series, I think the Rolex Journal is more suitable for business people, low-key and elegant.

Rolex Cosmopolitan Daytona Series 116500LN-78590 White Steel Plate

Watch Comments: Rolex brand series, in addition to submarine series, to keep up with its pace, is the Daytona series. Whether in the auction market or the general public’s major market, Rolex Daytona series are deeply loved by buyers. And this “Panda Di” because of its more classic color matching in the market, so the second-hand white through the market price overall slightly higher than black. Compared with Daytona’s older models, this 16-year-old ceramic ring has been favored by consumers since its launch. The only difference from the old is the ceramic ring used for the bezel. The Calix 4130 is also used by Rolex. Therefore, this may be the choice of most people.

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