Classic aesthetic colors Rolex Log 126334 Watch

As early as 1945, Rolex introduced Datejust watches, smooth lines, simple disc design and outstanding results that attracted a lot of attention. Years later, this classic type of order additional convex lens small window (cyclops eye) screen, unique and useful not only to facilitate the examination of the calendar wearer, and the important brand recognition, is a point of Major landmark Rolex Watch design. 2017, mark back to provide more choice for the favorite wristwatch Rolex Friends classic and simple Log-type fresh blood injection. Today we present the Rolex Journal 41 Platinum Watch which is one of them. So, let’s look together:

The same cost-effective choice
Rolex launched in 2017 as a newspaper series of three models: the bezel, the crown, the average consumption gold bracelet 126,333, single bezel 126334 is made of platinum materials and steel with 126,300 three types, the new type of newspaper 41 uses the 3235 movement. At a glance, 126,333 (gold coin) to slightly mature, and the price should be slightly more expensive. Entirely made of 126300 stainless steel does not have another Rolex symbol, a symbolic triangle. It seems that at the center of both (platinum rings), section 126 334 is the best choice. Its luxury qualities of precious metals (platinum bezel), keeping the sports section of classic triangular grooved steel design and fashion style, it is no wonder so popular.

41 mm stainless steel case, triangular bezel in 18 kt white gold. Polished and polished, the beauty of two chemicals combined in one, classic and full of decoration.

LOGO engraved Rolex crown logo on a steel crown, surrounded by the most common texture design, the operation feels better, so look at the debug easier and faster.

Deep blue disc size, elegant and elegant. The angle of the quarrel of the Arabic numerals and the outer ring, so that time shows greater clarity. HNC design and the three-pin minute hand and a ladder bar are covered with a bright part, can also be monitored even if the weather in a dark, convenient and fast environment. In addition, the calendar display is on the 3 o’clock mark to add more convenient features to a clock.

Above the calendar is also a small name on the windows that makes it easy to lock a calendar. Watches on the side, the table turns on the interior wall unclear Rolex is one of the highly decorative ornaments, making effect.

Like other Rolex branded products, this one uses a skull to protect the safety of your safety. 3235 Rolex self-winding with 14 patents, built a new Chronergy jailbreak, power reserve for about 70 hours. In addition, the Log 41 watch was confirmed by Rolex in 2015, which guarantees excellent performance.

Patent mounted waterproof Rolex Oyster bracelet with 5mm linkage discount spreading system easy to configure, easier to adjust so that the watch can be more connected to the wrist.

Summary: luxury collection, is a classic Rolex date Just 126334 watch the market performance in the table show is relatively good, very hot and even a bit difficult to buy.

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