Like ‘small 3 needles’, we can also take this year into consideration this year

From the standpoint of modern human aesthetics, “big and small 3 needles” are the two most common hand arrangements,replica watches uk but “big three needles” dominate the mainstream. Some, in fact, from the perspective of the clock of history, in fact the small 3-pin clock is displayed in front of the 3-pin clock, in 1776, let Geneva watchmaker • Mo, Va Puzai has the first small three Pointer Clock releases, which is not true, more traditional 3-pin clock.

Personally, I always feel the old pocket watch that the shape is very nostalgic, “small 3 pin” to always “3 pin”, it is visually the feel of the instrument replica watches on the old machine visually Yes. A small three-handed watch says it’s not easy. The design of the dial, the way to place a small second, and the space to place it, are all hallmarks of aesthetic testing. This year there is a very good little three-hand watch, which is a good interpretation of the beauty of the time.

I looked at the watch of the Omega Seamaster Series 1948 Limited Edition replica watches uk at Baselworld and have completely overturned my previous hippocampal impression. After returning to Beijing, the information checked and, in fact, this is the hippocampus looks the original appearance, 34 mm, came the case diameter of the built-in hit Tuo movement came to see the Omega Hippocampo dressed It is the first generation to do.

In addition, during the Second World War we offered over 110,000 watches to the British Defense Air Force and other replica watches industries. These watches are excellent in water resistance and resistant to strong magnetic fields generated by fighter aircraft. After the war, Omega used advanced technology accumulated during the manufacture of military watches for the production of private watches.

In 1948, replica watches commemorating the 100th anniversary of the brand, Omega launched the Seamaster, began the high-precision positioning of the water table and released the 3-pin version and the small 3-pin version Chrono CK 2518 CK 2577. Although the appearance Of these two watches is very elegant, the waterproof performance through the use of the O-ring is far above the standards of military watches during World War II.

The compact 3-pin chronometer version of CK 2518 is the inspiration behind the launch of the Omega Seamaster Series 1948 Limited Edition. It adopts a stainless steel housing replica watches uk with a screw type base, which boasts water resistance of 60 meters. The movement uses the first-generation stun movement of Omega 28.10.

This year, Seamaster introduced 1948, this time I saw you on this table, this table, although it gave me my first, I should not say that I did not see the prototype, the original clock The limited incidence from small seconds to the continuous Appearance of the design The emotions are replica watches very formal, classic, very special. Diameter 38 mm is also very suitable for my wrist. Although there is some thickness in the case, I think it’s just right, but the retro feeling gets a little worse when it’s too thin. The case is polished and the texture is very good.

The replica watches uk domed dial of light has a sense of age when the light is not enough and it is very beautiful. Both the hour hand and the minute hand use hands with a wicker pattern and the small second hand at 6 o’clock. With a brown leather strap and a polished, cloudy steel clasp, the vintage Omega logo is attached to the clasp, as was the case with the original watch. The watch is also equipped with a gray Omega “NATO” NATO military strap replica watches symbolizing the naval logo.

The reception is classic, but the back is based on the latest technology from Omega. To ensure the waterproofness of the proprietary technology when it does not leak, but as the movement is demonstrated with the continuation of the 60 meter site under the best underwater source, this is a patented Omega I use the Nyad Rock technology. And the 70th anniversary logo replica watches uk laser sculpture sapphire crystal back, the Chris War Craft pattern, as well as the brand – the Gloucester Meteor Battle Pattern and hand coloring in the Air Force’s first jet plane of choice.

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