Nico Rosberg Becomes Rolex Ambassador

A few days ago, Rolex and Nico Rosberg (Nico Rosberg) signed a partnership agreement that officially became the ambassador’s brand and joined Sir Jackie Stewart, F1 driver and family Roger Federer.

In December 2016, Nico Rosberg left F1. Although he came from below, his career is even bigger. In addition to being Rolex’s ambassador, Nico Rosberg also has a personal contract with the Hugo Boss clothing brand, the Hot Wheels toy brand, Sky Sports, the Deutsche Bahn Deutsche Bahn and the German RTL advertising system. CAA Sports Brokers.
Roman Di Somma, an agent at CAA Sports Brokers, said: “The novice is one of the most famous brands in the world, and Nico Rosberg is a true supporter of watches and heritage.” “I am very happy to help Rolex and Nigeria.” Rosberg founded a three-year business. “

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