Rolex Dragon

Today I want to show you the Swiss Dragon Rolex watch.

Although the Swiss Rolex now only produces a simple functional watch, it does not include complicated watches and different craftsmanship. However, Rolex is still very versatile in history. Although Rolex did not produce complicated watches, the most difficult are the hours of the full moon and the current Skywalker. However, Rolex has released a special watch. I feel very special about the Rolex watches.

This Rolex watch 6085 is known as the “Dragon” because it’s a dragon on the disc. The Rolex Dragon disc, like other Rolex watches, was ordered from the watch factory Stern. The man who wrote this dragon is Ms Nelly Richard. She is an embarrassing specialist who has done a lot of branding, but unfortunately died young.

This dragon Rolex is a dragon of European style. This dragon is very delicate and delicate. If we carefully look at the color of the dragon, we will see that the colors of the body and tail of the dragon are all shades of light and shadow. Around this dragon is a time scale consisting of numbers, diamonds and a 12-point Rolex crown.

So far, thanks to expert research, Rolex has only five dragons. The dragon on every hour is different, because it is impossible to burn the same pattern. Therefore, each watch is an orphan product.

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