Rolex submarine type on what fire social media?

The Rolex Watch Submarine was first launched in 1954 and is one of the most famous clocks in history. When times changed and the trend changed, these watches not only survived but also flourished. So, what’s the secret?

                                               Rolex Submariner Watch
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Fraud Hourly calendar, steel cutter, blue blue plate

For every amateur, it is a sort of watch that can be seen remotely. But how does the table with the reduced track become a significant icon? The reason is not just that the look looks good, after all, many other watches were just as well designed. The main reason why Rolex submarines are popular is its consequence. Real watches will tell you that it’s a treasure that you can not lose. Outstanding, beautiful and insignificant performance is an indispensable collection. For those who do not know the clock well but still want to go back to friends and colleagues, it’s a popular Rolex snorkeling class.
                                              Rolex Directorate in Geneva
                               The oldest Rolex Snorkeler watch, 1953

Statistical data

Before immersing yourself in the popularity of the Rolex Submariner Watch on social media, let’s take a look at some facts:
Rolex Snorkeler is the most popular diving watch on Instagram.
In March 2018, the Rolex submarine was used approximately 30,460 times, of which 25,376 from Instagram.

More than 90% of users are male. The largest age group is between 18 and 24, representing almost 50%, followed by 25-34 years. These age groups correspond to the main users of Instagram. The report by men and women suggests that the general population is interested in luxury watches, especially men.

Rolex fans also have a unique position in the Rolex fans community. perfectly sums up the feelings of real enthusiasts: “No matter who bought Rolex, but when you do not have a boat, he really joins the club.” Some people started in Dayton. Skywalker, Greenwich … Of course, that’s nice, but I can not help you, but I think, “What, no submarine?” ”
                   Rolex Rolex Advertising with Sir Malcolm Campbell
                                                                  Sylvia Earle
Image status

Originally the Rolex Snorkeler was just a list of expensive and practical tools and the price is very affordable. Until the eighties, with the increasing popularity of stainless steel in high quality watches, Rolex became a luxury SUV watch. Remember, this is James Bond’s first choice for many years. Over the last 60 years, the Rolex snorkel design has changed or surpassed the change and aesthetic first glance, which also guarantees its iconic state.

Universal Rolex Immersion Clocks is another reason why fans will win. First is a great diving watch, but it is also suitable for other occasions. When sitting in the office, select the type of submarine; hiking, submarine selection; taking part in a wedding, choosing a submarine; diving in the pool or choosing a submarine. Even after the introduction of a new color or new Dial Rolex, there were snorkels at first glance. No one would be mistaken for “Hulk” (eg Green Water Ghost) for other watches or models. The essence of the Rolex Handheld Clock is deeply rooted in overall design, not in surface finishing.
             Rolex Immersion watches, fluorescent hands and watches
The purest watch of the Rolex without a calendar, a steel box, a black black circle

The symbol of luxury

Rolex submarine luxury watch type such as Hermes Birkin or Chanel black dress in luxury fashion. In the 1960s (and later in the 1980s), Rolex launched several big advertisements that helped build the state of the brand that it is looking forward to. The Rolex submarine is not only a trademark, but also an important part of the brand’s advertising campaign. More importantly, it helps to improve the condition of Rolex as a luxury product.

When we talk so much, he still can not explain why Rolex sails over social networks. The answer is actually very simple because the Rolex submarine is popular everywhere. It is the largest volume of luxury hours ever made, and it is an eternal class that has been imitated (of course, it has never won). Social media are a reflection of real society. If it is popular in real life, it will of course be popular in the social media. In this way, influential personalities such as Rolex lovers (or if you want to have them) type Rolex submarines, even those who know little about luxury watches, can instantly recognize the type of Rolex submarine.

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