Rolex watch’s “technical content” is higher than men’s watch?

Today we are talking about “technical problems” that explain the “alien” phenomenon of the Rolex watch. Some methods in Rolex watches are more advanced than men’s watches?

The latest Rolex Healer Silicone was used for the first time on Log Watch on women of 28 mm.

The watches for men and women have different technical settings.

Rolex uses Parachrom Hairspring in the men’s 3135/3235 movement watch, which is what we usually call the “blue dragonfly” hairspring; Rolex used the new Syloxi silicone high jump in a small movement 2236 women’s watch (from 2014 start using). Rolex male form, female form of the hairpin is not the same thing, the female form is a new silicon hairpin.

In 2014, Rolex used a new type of silica gel in a small women’s watch bag, while men have always used the Rolex blue hairpin, the Rolex blue hairpin and the silicone women’s head . Yes?

The hair prints of the current watch are all in Nivarox’s throat hairpin. This Nivarox alloy can affect the overall living environment. However, this type of metal is sensitive to magnetic, so it can not withstand a strong magnetic field.

In order to solve this problem, Rolex Rolex has developed the exclusive Parachrom Blue Hairspring, which is characterized by an anti-magnetic field and shock absorption.

In recent years, the silicon head having the advantage of being magnetic, many watches are replaced by a silicone head. The performance of Rolex Blue Cocoon Hairspring is very good and the result is a spray of silica gel. It’s a question for players around the world. Until then, players had received key information in Rolex’s official statement on the new Syloxi Silica Jump.

The new Rolex silicone syloxy hairpin, the small holes on both sides of the hairpin are used to attach the hairpin.

Rolex Blue Hairspring has a good performance, magnetic, shockproof, but it’s a small problem, it’s “the process is not flat, not symmetrical”. Due to springs such as these alloys, it is necessary to attach one end to the hair in a “clip”. Therefore, the hair curve can not be “completely symmetrical and completely flat”. This will affect the accuracy of the journey time.

The silica frog is particularly flat and especially symmetrical. Rolex Silicone on both sides of the silk, these two “holes” are used to attach the silica head.In the Rolex movement through the balance plate, it is symmetrical. As a result, the new Siloxic Rolex Silicone Sprayer is smoother and more symmetrical than the blue hairpin that is good for ensuring audience accuracy.

The Rolex Silicone Hairspring is so powerful. Why is it only used on women’s watches?

One of the problems with the silicone hair protector is that it can not be repaired, it can not be changed and the problems can not be changed. Silicone foam is simple, as in 3D printing. Unlike neck neckles, you can change them and do it.

The current Rolex is a new Silicone Hairspring Silicone used primarily on women of 28mm.

The current position is that the new Syloxi Silicone Hairstyling Rolex is even better than Rolex Blue Hairspring. Rolex movement of the women’s watch 2236, because the movement is small, the less the movement is not easy to go exactly, so the new silicon spring Syloxi is used in the small watch 2236 female movement, increase the resistance Magnetic Rolex watch, shock resistance and precision.
Including Rolex DD, watch men’s blue silk Rolex’s spirals.

Watch Rolex Men, a large part of the professional band, sporting goods. The sports watch is safe from creation. In terms of resistance to production, the blue dragon is the collar of the neck, which is well maintained. The 3135/3235 movement series used in these watches have a large movement, the thickness of the movement and the front of the women’s watch. The higher the precision of movement, the easier it is to high. Therefore, Rolex men’s watches are used to use blue hair.

Of course, Rolex has used a little new Syloxi Silicone Hairspring for women’s watches and has also tested the Sylools Silicone Hairspring. Many people think that when Rolex thinks that the Syloxi silicone pin has passed the time test, it will be used on men’s watches.

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