The most cost-effective Breitling Challenger 44 watch

In 2017, Breitling announced that he would stop the production of quartz watches. Before that, the most basic Breitling watch, I remember that it was a quartz watch with a water resistance of 3000 meters. After Breitling became a master, he began to dramatically change the style of the product. For distribution by category. This year, Breitling launched Challenger 44, which is the most introductory hour in new products.

The Challenger series is undoubtedly a very masculine series of the Breitling brand. A robust stainless steel casing is mainly polished by mercerization, demonstrating coldness and strength.

New watches are available in black and blue dials. Relatively speaking, the blue dial with a dynamic casing is obviously more attractive.

The tail frame is a feature of Breitling. Such a telescope is not only closely related, but also very clear.

The stainless steel frame is scaled directly. Compared with an aluminum ring or ceramic ring, it is simpler and more powerful, fully embodies the name of the series – the personality and courage of the applicant.

The blue dial is fixed by a three-dimensional metal scale, and the scale is covered with a bright coating that can still be read in a dark environment.

As a sports watch, shoulder protection is designed for the crown to protect the crown from bumps.

The bottom cover is designed with a dense bottom, and the built-in self-winding device B17 is built inside. This is a universal movement, produced in accordance with the Breitling standard. After passing the attestation of the observatory, he can still achieve excellent traffic characteristics.

New watches in the Breitling Challenger series, the large size and type of the male shell, give the watch a decisive and courageous tolerance, helping the opponent to explore the top.

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