Wear a true style Three types of cool girls watch recommended

Although gentleness and kindness are the hallmarks of girls, more and more women are joining the ranks to pretend to be cool. No matter whether they are on the street or in the street, there are always “wiser” girls. They tend to indulge in a tough outfit, including neutral elements, such as a fresh, dark eyeliner, wearing a fashionable Martin’s leather footwear jacket dress, leaving simple soft, delicate, shiny inject image own hormones to reveal a nature of talent. Today’s three watches, with the exception of women’s money, will help you become a more beautiful and elegant girl!

                                                  Rolex Log Series 126334
Watch Comments: Although the “41-type log” is a beautiful, elegant look for men, simple but full of metal-style look has also been air-conditioning your favorite girl, especially the fashion and deep blue numbers, the radial drawing thread further strengthen the shine and show the beauty of the wrist quality. 41 mm is slightly larger for wrist guards, but you can also use it. The legendary look also shows unique brand designs and exceptional performance. Especially the very cold white gold frame in 18K white gold and “ROLEX” in the inner circle are attractive. This change also won the Rolex Observatory Certified was created in 2015 to ensure that the viewer has an accurate travel time and excellent quality. I think he’ll have a great look and great performance that will help cool girls play cool in the end.

                                IWC IW371491 Portuguese watch series
Watch Comments: The mechanical action of a stronger sense of the chronograph not only of your favorite people, is also part of one of the girls ‘, IWC nations’ and ‘Portugal meter’ discussion timers even more. The first Portuguese measure in most white elements, most black, but completely new in the blue gradient, including a stunning combination of traditional and classic designs. The small scale is placed on the curved outer ring of the disc, making the disc visually more climatic and simple. 6 Mark 00:00 and mark the location of small seconds, 30 minutes drive his vision will change the entire disk, showing a good balance, the balance of design aesthetics. Thanks to the black crocodile leather strap, everything is even more mysterious, beautiful and charming.

                      Panerai LUMINOR DUE Series PAM00755 Watch
Watches Comments: Panerai Panerai Lumino DUE new series this year in a series of popular concerns, because of the raw material, the atmosphere, known Panerai for the first time introduced the ‘small diameter table’ New 38 mm children’s single fan series Pei can control even more the poor. Although many girls want to be from Panerai before, they are not very friendly. This new product responds to this demand and it is believed that more women will fall in love with this unique magazine for the brand. In addition, the classic signature design has also been preserved showing many brands such as pillowcases, ISK patent bridges and a small classic three-prong design. Also includes a rich color bar to make the clock brighter. This clock is one of the most popular items because it has a green bracelet and a gray glass dial, a very cool personality.

Summary: It looks like you’re tall and cold. In fact, the girl’s heart is still hot. Whether wearing or communicating, it is intuitively to communicate your ideas about yourself to show the true character and true self. Three of today’s watches are the best choice for cool girls.

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